Christian Life Conference

Serving the wider church for God's glory

The Benefits of Gathering

Cliffwood Presbyterian Church is a self-consciously reformed congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Yet, at the same time, it understands its place within the broader context of Christ's church on earth. To that end Cliffwood is pleased to offer the Christian Life Conference. Its purpose is to gather around some common aspect of the Christian faith in order to edify God's people through focus on one subject. Our first Christian Life Conference was held in 2013 and focused on church history, specifically the contribution the Puritans have made to the church today. Other conferences have focused on creation (2014), personal holiness (2015), biblical worldview (2016), marriage (2018), covenant theology (2021), and most recently the christian life at home, church, and in society (2023).

Media of Past Conferences